Audacity Audio Recording & Editing Software, Professional Sound Recorder Software for Windows PC & Mac, Premium Edition 2018 Releases


Audacity Audio Recording & Editing Software, Professional Sound Recorder Software for Windows PC & Mac, Premium Edition 2018 Releases

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  • In 2018 Audacity is still the #1 affordable software for professional sound and music recording, editing, and playing all common audio files such as: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG Vorbis
  • Live Music Recorder: you can create live recordings of music or audio. Easily digitalize your records and cassettes. Mix and master you mixes with the bonus plugins this bundle includes.
  • Mix as many tracks as you need with effects to brighten or polish your sound. You can get the same sound as the pros!
  • For Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista as well as Mac OS (10.6 and newer)
  • Bonuses: Collections of audio plugins for Audacity Software. Video tutorials on the disc to help you get started and learn how to use your new software.

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What is Audacity? Audacity is a professional, easy to use audio recording and editing software compatible with most common audio formats. Unlike other listings, this listing includes the latest version of Audacity from 2018 and is consistently updated.

Audio Recording: Record sound, voice, and music from sources such as microphones or mixing consoles as well as USB/Firewire devices, streams and others.

Editing: Music files are easy to edit by cutting, copying, pasting and deleting. Mix different pieces of music. Smoothly fade the volume in or out. Manipulate pitch or replay speed.
You can Remove static and other unwanted background noises. Use different filters and tools to change frequencies and add sound effects. Audio files can also be smoothly converted into different formats.
There are many other editing tools you can use in Audacity. The video tutorials and guides will give you more details.

Effects: The software offers an enormous range of effects: You can change pitch and replay speed, reduce static and crackle, use delays, dynamic compression, sound optimization, and much more.

Special Bonuses:
1.) Your disc includes video tutorials and 2 complete user guides to hope you go from beginner to advances using your new software. It even comes with files to follow along with the course!
2.) Audio plugins: The disc will also include bonus audio plugins to use within Audacity Software. These will o take your mixing and editing to the next level.
3.) Support: full support is offered if you need any assistance.

System Requirements:Compatible with Windows (10 / 7 / 8 / Vista) (32 & 64 Bit) & Mac OS (10.6 – 10.13 High Sierra)

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